Today, focus on what you want the most

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If your house is anything like mine, the carols have been sung, the party was enjoyed, the presents have been unwrapped and now Santa and his elves have gone on vacation. Nothing remains but the mess: a mess of toys, a mess of food, a mess of the budget and a mess of all the usual routines. This can make it hard to see past this week and into the New Year let alone the Summer.


BUT if you can, for just a moment, consider this. In a recent study, researchers found that Americans gained more 10 days after Christmas, compared to the 10 days leading up to Christmas and HALF of that weight didn’t come off until the Summer months and beyond. Perhaps it is because we spend the time before Christmas running around preparing for all the events and then once it’s over we sink back into our chairs, take a deep breath and finally get to relax. It can also be easy to over indulge in all the excess food and drinks remaining from the celebrations. It’s important to kick back for a bit and recharge with family and friends, but not to the point that our health should suffer.

You don’t have to stay on this path if you don’t like where it’s taking you. Yes, it is hard to get back on track after a major holiday. Yes, you can do it. Don’t shy away from doing hard things. Instead, remember that today’s choices affect tomorrow’s experiences. We can have the best intentions but it’s our actual choices that will lead us somewhere.

So today is your chance to focus on what you want the most (good health, energy, longevity, positivity, a well-balanced lifestyle, a healthy budget and so on), in order to say no to what you might want in the moment.

Here are some choices to get you thinking:

  • Choose water or tea instead of soda, wine, beer, and other sugary beverages.
  • Choose to stop when you are full and satisfied regardless of food pushers around you
  • Choose to put the sweets away, off the counter and hidden in the back of the fridge
  • Choose to put a bowl of fruit on the counter and the vegetables at eye level in your fridge
  • Choose to move more and get outside instead of watching Christmas movies all day

Food for thought:

What DO you want most?

What could happen when you choose to focus on what you want the most, rather than what you want in the moment?

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