Mighty Muscles

Ask not what you can do for your muscles, but what your muscles can do for you.You already know how important it is to get your blood pumping while you are exercising, and since you’re doing cardio 3-5 times a week you already have that covered (right?).  Now, did you know that is it equally […]

Pickin' Pumpkins

Pickin’ Pumpkins

Yay it’s October! Leaves changing, crisp breezes, haunted houses and pumpkins a plenty.I know we all love pumpkins for their excellent carvable capabilities, but did you also know that they’re really good for you?! And pumpkin pie doesn’t always start in a can ;-).Better than just a decorative Halloween candle holder or a delicious pie […]


Social functions, taking the kids to soccer, dinner with friends, going to work, volunteering at the big church fundraiser, exercise, cooking, relaxation, ect…So much to do, so little time! You ever find yourself wishing for just a few more hours in the day?If you’re like me and sometimes try to squeeze 2 days of fun […]

Sleepless? Sleep more!

It’s 2:30am and you’re lying in bed thinking “oh no, not again!” As it turns out, up to 75% of us experience chronic sleep loss, which is defined as getting less than 6 hrs of sleep at least 2-3 nights per week. This can in turn lead to health problems including but not limited to […]

Guard Your Heart

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23 Inspired by the following article, I wanted to share some heart healthy tips with you this morning. Heart Disease: Tips for Prevention The number one killer in America today is a disease that can often be prevented.  According to […]

Anger Danger

Good morning! I believe being healthy is more than just eating a few extra servings of fruits and veggies (although it doesn’t hurt to start there!). As you may have noticed I’m equally concerned with incorporating physical activity into your own health plan. The other piece of the puzzle is stress management. In a daily […]