5 Steps to Workout Success!

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If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.

I spend my spare time at the YMCA of Durham or Chapel Hill. I like to tell people if I’m not outside playing in the woods, I prefer to be playing at the YMCA. 

Given my regular presence at the Y, I have the opportunity to see and get to know other people that workout there too. Some of you might remember Bendy Al, who typically works out between  1 – 3 PM. Then there are the highly motivated morning folks getting their sweat on between 5:30 – 8 AM – y’all are crazy and I love it! Not surprisingly, there’s quite the rush around 5 PM for people coming in after work. 

If we’ve learned nothing else about making habits over the last 6 weeks, we know the most important part of establishing a habit is consistency. The people that regularly include exercise are the ones that show up around the same time at least a few days per week.  

Steps to workout success 

Step 1

Identify your energy peak zone – Do you feel energized in the morning or afternoon? What’s your most productive hours of the day?

Step 2

Pick together or flying solo – Decide if you enjoy exercising with a friend, in a group or prefer to use it as your “me time” to listen to some jams and zone out. 

Step 3

Decide inside or outside – Some people are highly unmotivated to go to the gym but really enjoy walking in the park or around their neighborhood. That counts too! There are plenty of hiking trails around these parts in North Carolina to explore. 

Step 4

Put it on your calendar – Most appointments we put on the calendar become priory. Take a look at yours and find a time to schedule the workouts. 

Step 5

Track your awesomeness! My secret reward at the end of the day is to check my iPhone health apps and see how many steps I got that day. If it’s less than 10,000 I can usually take a walk around the block to get there. Maybe you have a Fitbit to keep you motivated? Or perhaps you’d prefer to track based on how your clothes fit or how much weight you can bench press now versus 3 months ago. 

Food for thought: 

You can’t wish or hope your way into regular exercise or a fit body.

Using the steps above you can create your ideal workout plan and make it happen! 

Recipe of the Week: Mason Jar Greek Chicken Salad

It’s moving week!!! (I’m not going far, just back towards SouthPoint)

That means I’m going to need some easy grab-and-go meals. These mason jar salads can be prepared at the start of the week and will stay fresh 5-7 days in the fridge. 

This week’s recipe, How to Make Greek Chicken Mason Jar Salad is brought to you by organizeyourselfskinny.com and youtube.com.

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