The Miracle Medicine You Need to Know About and How to Make a Habit Stick

by | Well Balanced Wisdom

Do you know about this SIMPLE way of improving your overall well-being? There is one medicine that when taken regularly is proven to…

  • Be an effective antidepressant in mild to moderate cases of depression
  • Protect an aging brain against memory loss and dementia
  • Defend your heart against heart disease and stroke
  • Lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol while increasing good (HDL) cholesterol
  • Keep your blood pressure in check
  • Slash your risk of diabetes, asthma and some cancers
  • Increase bone density and help prevent osteoporosis
  • Support Vitamin D levels
  • Boost your circulation and increase oxygen supply to the brain
  • Increase muscle mass and tone
  • Burn more calories

Now you might expect this medicine to cost you a fortune. I hate to tell you this but insurance does not cover it at this time. Lucky for you and me… this medicine doesn’t cost a thing.

walkingSo what is this medicine?

Walking. That’s right. The simple act of putting one foot in front of the other is proven to improve our well-being in many, many ways. All those benefits sound great, right!? So, why aren’t we all hitting the pavement more often? Although it requires no equipment or gym membership, walking just isn’t as easy as swallowing a pill. It takes a little more effort. That’s why I am sharing Peggy’s story with you today.

For her, walking went from a chore to “I can do more!’

Peggy was noticing that her weight was starting to creep up and results from a recent doctor’s visit prompted her to think about incorporating exercise into her days. She had tried going to the gym, taking group exercise classes, and doing exercise at home on her own. Nothing seemed to stick. She knew that exercise would help her cut back on medications, but it was always such a chore.

Then she made it a goal to walk one mile outdoors most days of the week. Sometimes she would think to herself, ‘if I can’t walk a mile, I might as well not walk at all.’ She didn’t realize it then, but this was a limiting belief that was getting in her way. One day she had a “lightbulb moment” when she read this quote: “It doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.” It was then that she realized if she were to make walking a regular habit, she would need to do it nearly every day, even if her walk was short. She started walking 15 minutes at first and built her way up to 30-40 minutes most days of the week. Ten weeks later, walking is part of her routine, and she doesn’t feel right without her morning stroll.

mom“The first 2 weeks were the hardest. It wasn’t easy to get out there and get going. But once I started walking, I would feel the benefits and that motivated me to continue. Some days, I surprise myself. I’ll get out there for a short walk but then I end up going further then I planned! So to others I would say, “It’s okay to start small.” Just get out and be consistent. – Peggy Cole


Food for Thought

The moral of her story is this: You need to build momentum to make a new habit stick. The only way to build momentum is to get out there and go  – no matter how slow, how short or how sloppy the result. Simply get out there consistently. Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll feel motivated to keep going and before you know it you’ve built a habit.


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