A Well-Balanced Manifesto

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My friends and family who knew me most growing up would say that I am not the outdoorsy type. First of all I hate bugs and second of all I just love the comfort of my own home. However, if you get me out there in the woods – I secretly love it. So when I hiked part of the AT with my husband and a great group of friends – it felt amazing. There is just something about the woods that renews your soul and makes you feel so alive!

ee cummings

Hello! I am so excited to be writing here every Wednesday for you all! Most of you know that playing in nature is one of Lucy’s favorite things to do and that it is a very important part of the Well-Balanced Nutrition brand.  It’s something we both encourage because we know the benefits firsthand.

For my first contribution to Wellness Wednesday, I bring you the Well-Balanced Nutrition Manifesto. It exemplifies our philosophies and how we tie together nature, food and well-balanced living. As you read this I want you to picture yourself in the most beautiful forest you can imagine. The sun in shining, the trees are tall, the path ahead is inviting  and a cool, gentle breeze is at your back. Here we go…

Little By Little We Travel Far

 One small step in the right direction is all it takes, and it doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.  

Go Out on a Limb

Try something new once in a while, even if it is challenging.

Have Fun (Seriously)

Play with your food, play in nature, just play more.

Watch out for Bears

 They are out there but don’t let other people sabotage your hard work and happiness.

Ride the Waves

 Healthy eating means sometimes over eating and sometimes under eating.  Healthy living means having ups and downs. It’s how well you ride the waves that counts.

Stop and smell the Roses

 Savor the beauty, eat mindfully and live in the moment.

Bloom where you are planted

Eat local and connect with your community.

Map it Out but be Flexible

Failing to plan is planning to fail, but being too rigid won’t get you far either.

Life is a Hike but the View is Great

Nothing great comes easily but with effort and perseverance comes great rewards.

Let’s go and be adventurers!

Take our hand and let’s start a wonderful, well-balanced journey together! The more the merrier!


There you have it! That pretty much sums up our mission and our message. This. is. our. manifesto.


Food for Thought: What stood out to you in this manifesto? Grab a pen and paper and write down your favorite part. Perhaps revisit it a few times this week.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next week!



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