But I was doing so well!

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Monday, October 3, 2016


I recently had the pleasure of meeting with one of my first clients, I will call her Allison, from last year who has done remarkably well reaching her goals while working with Well-Balanced Nutrition and Weight Watchers.  I’m so proud of Allison for committing to her own well-being and her change in attitude and behaviors – must be all those tasty roasted vegetables!


Returning home from a fun summer vacation in Florida, Allison came back unmotivated to get back in the groove. After reviewing her Fitbit data, she was horrified to realize she only exercised 4 times during the entire month of August where she was previously working out up to 6 times a week. During our session, it came to light that Allison had not fallen that far off track, but she felt like she was back to her old ways. Together we came up with an action plan to get her back in motion and successfully packing well-balanced lunches and snacks for the workweek.


You may be sitting there thinking, “Yep, that sounds familiar.” You are not alone!


Life happens.


If you find yourself in a similar situation, check out a few tips below to get you back on the road to your most healthy and well-balanced self.


Start small. If you’re feeling mentally unbalanced perhaps just 5 minutes of prayer, journaling or meditation will offer the peace your mind craves. Sometimes, the hardest part is getting off the starting line simply because it feels like there is too much to do. Living healthy does not need to be complicated or include a complete 180 degree turn. If you’re currently not moving during the day then adding a 10 minute walk at lunch is a small yet powerful change to live well.


Make it easy. I’m so grateful for Bulldega market in downtown Durham that makes it easy for me to pick up fresh local produce for dinner or a quick lunch from their prepared food fridge. Another way to make it easy is by picking one day a week to do a bulk of your chopping or food prep. Spend a couple hours on Sunday and you will have food ready to heat and eat for the rest of the week.


Pick only delicious & nutritious. Eating well should taste good! Add salt or other seasonings and herbs to your meals. Trust me, you are likely not adding nearly as much as the fast food and sit down restaurants you may be frequenting instead of cooking at home. Check out this tasty resource – RawSpiceBar – for monthly spice packets and recipes delivered to your front door!


Food for thought:

I don’t know about you, but I am my own biggest critic. It’s okay to have high expectations, but even better to practice self-love.

What is one way you can better take care of your own wellness this week?


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