Gift Guide for Health Gains in the New Year

by | Well Balanced Wisdom

Shopping for presents for friends and family can be a dreaded task during a busy
holiday season. We’ve made it easy for you this year by creating a gift guide (or wish
list) for you with must-have items that make a healthy lifestyle convenient.

Crate and Barrel Veggie Ricer: This is a simple yet helpful kitchen item. It allows you to
make fluffy rice out of your favorite veggies. Freshly riced cauliflower is less soggy
than the store-bought frozen cauliflower rice and makes a great base for numerous

Brimma Water Bottle: Drinking enough water throughout the day can get boring. The
Brimma water bottle allows you to add natural flavor to your water by infusing
fruits, herbs, or veggies of your choice. Some great combinations are cucumber and
lemon, pineapple and strawberry, blueberry and apple, or mint.

Food Chopper: This portable food chopper makes food prep easier and faster. It takes
away the hassle of cutting food and makes cooking more efficient, liberating your hands
from the dreaded task of chopping or mincing.

Vegetable Spiralizer: Spice up your pasta night by swapping the spaghetti with veggie
noodles. This fun little machine turns plain ole veggies into noodles within seconds! It’s
a helpful tool for adding more veggies to your diet while making food prep quick and

Prepdeck: Meal planning and prep is often the biggest obstacle to eating healthier. The
Prepdeck helps you plan and prep meals with an organized station including over 45
tools and features including 15 containers stored in the unit, a cutting board, grater,
zester, slicer, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, and a bottle
opener! Who wouldn’t want this?!

Meal Planning That Works: If you or your loved one gets excited about making life in the kitchen easier, smoother, and more efficient – this course is one to not miss. Become a pro and have all the tools and cheatsheets at your disposal for making healthier, tastier, homemade meals happen. Give it as a gift or grab it for yourself! Black Friday Sale: Take 70% off with code: HOLIDAY2021

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