Coach me up! 5 steps to achieve your goals

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I never played sports; therefore, the coaching concept is new to me. At Grace Church, pastor Kendrick recently taught us about people who struggle without improvement versus people who grow and develop in the midst of their struggles. He put it bluntly, when we are in performance mentality and seeking the approval or acceptance of others, we become prideful. A performance mentality is sometimes rooted in insecurity because the ego doesn’t like to be wrong or embarrassed. When Michael Jordan got cut from the high school varsity basketball team as a sophomore he was devastated; however, instead of throwing in the towel on his dreams he hit the courts and practiced, practiced, and practiced some more.

Some of our clients assume Kristen and I will give them a meal plan, a few recipes, and maybe a cheer to keep them on track. Instead, they get a coach – someone to listen, give feedback, and provide a toolbox of skills to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In order to grow and get better, here are five steps to becoming more coachable and achieve your ultimate health and well-being.

5 steps to achieve your goals

  1. It always starts with a vision. Sports enthusiast and professionals spend time envisioning themselves succeeding. For instance, when a golfer steps up to the tee, she will envision the ball going in the direction and landing exactly where she wants it to be. If she steps up to the ball and starts thinking about something else or looking into the sandpit, that’s where the ball goes. What is the vision of your healthiest self look like? What are your habits? How do you feel?
  2. Next, comes skills development. If you’ve never hit a golf ball, it’s unlikely that it will go very far or exactly in the direction you were hoping the first time you play. Instead, you start by learning which golf club to use, the appropriate grip, the right stance, and the swing. Same idea if you’re unfamiliar with how to cook and assemble Well Balanced meals. First, we need to start with what is well-balanced? Then how plan meals to meet your nutritional needs.
  3. Put it into action! Now we apply our new skills. On the golf course that may mean going to hit a bucket of balls at the range. For someone looking to become healthier, it could be planning a week of Well Balanced dinners for the family.
  4. Grow. It’s OK to fall down, it’s OK to not succeed. Each time we “fail,” is a chance to learn how not to do it next time. So what if you swung the golf club and missed the ball by inches? Sounds like the time to laugh it off and try again. And if you had cereal for dinner last night (again), perhaps it’s a good chance to stock up on a few of our favorite Quick Fix Meal ideas.
  5. Lastly, we need to be humble! That means if you keep trying and it’s not working it’s time to ask for help. It could be time to hire an instructor and get on the greens for guided practice or several. And if you’ve tried diet after diet with the same results we invite you to apply for a Breakthrough the Diet Mentality call.

Food for thought

Most of us have two voices that sometimes go to battle in our heads… “I got this!” and “why bother?“ That second voice is just our ego trying to protect itself. Instead, listen to the helping and encouraging thoughts – create a vision, practice the healthy habits, and get back on if you fall off the wagon.  And if you need some help in the kitchen, you know where to find us: contact Lucy & Kristen.

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