You’ve already succeeded!

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Last week while working on the fifth edition of my business plan it occurred to me that I need to take a new approach. Instead of worrying this idea or that idea are not going to be “marketable” I decided I need to change the way I’ve been thinking about it.

My preferred approach is to start acting as though I’ve already succeeded.

Our minds are probably the most powerful resource we have regarding what happens in our life. As my friend Cameron puts it, “belief is the foundation for how your world operates.” Another way to think about the power of the mind comes from Theodore Roosevelt, “believe you can and you’re half way there.”

A Couple Examples
You really want that promotion at work. Instead of the doubt and disbelief that you are not qualified, not good enough or don’t have the “right” experience why not think of all the reasons that you are perfect for this position. List 10 reasons why you should get the job and recite them to yourself often.

Another example, is a goal of losing 20 pounds. Sometimes we tell ourselves it’s “too hard and it never works when I tried before.” Instead picture yourself at your goal weight. Chances are you know what steps to take to lose weight and now it’s just a matter of making those changes gradually to see the results you want.


Food for Thought:

Most of us have dreams or goals, and with that comes one of these 2 responses:

(1) This is how I’m going to make it happen or (2) that’s never going to happen for me.

The challenge… this week think about something that you want to be different in your life. Then think about how life will look when it changes.

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