Summer Fun 🙂

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It’s that crazy time of year when everyone is hitting the road to make their way up the coast, into the mountains or wherever makes the heart happy. With the chaos that surrounds this season of travel I’d like to bring the focus back to the simple things in life that make summertime enjoyable.

I’m including my top 10 favorite summer activities from 50 Fun Summer Activities. Have you made your list? In September you can look back and see how much fun you had!

Lucy’s Top 10 Favorite summer activities:

10. Go get FroYo with a friend (with all the toppings!)

9. Blow bubbles, do chalk art and catch lightening bugs w/ my niece and nephew

8. Ride a roller-coaster!

7. Play miniature golf (preferably at Lakeside, OH)

6. Take a trip to buy fresh local produce at the big
Farmer’s Market

5. Eat corn-on-the-cob at the State Fair

4. Go kayaking and swim in a lake

3. Collect seashells at the beach

2. Go to a baseball game, drink a beer and enjoy a corndog

1. Go White Water Rafting in WV!!!

Food for thought:

At the end of the day it’s not about the adventures we go on, the stuff we buy or the food we eat. Instead it’s about the people we get to share these experiences with.

Spending quality time with the people we love is what really matters. I wish that for you and yours!

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