The gift of more time

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I tend to say we make time for that which is important to us. Generally, I am referring to people making time or not making time to prepare food or exercise regularly.

Lately, I’ve decided this is not always true. Exercise is important to me; however, sometimes I get so preoccupied in the business at hand I’m lucky to squeeze in a workout in between everything else. (For those of you who don’t know me well, sitting still is not a strength of mine!)

A tale of poor time management 
Fridays mornings are my day to attend to Well Balanced Nutrition and do meetings, errands and other business activities that need attention during regular business hours.

Last Friday morning I made time to prep part of my lunch to take to work, then I proceeded to rush out the door to run errands and such before my shift at the YMCA. Sadly, l ran out of time to buy the rest of my lunch at the grocery store. When I got to work and had half of a salad to eat (what’s the point if there’s no cottage cheese?!). I was frustrated and disappointed with how I poorly prioritized my time that morning. In hindsight, had I taken a moment to plot out my day and estimate how long each activity would take I would have been more productive and less frustrated.

Food for Thought: 

Do you ever find yourself wishing for more time? To exercise, play with your kids, organize the closet or start tackling the bathroom remodel project.

My solution… make a list! My most productive and fruitful days are those that have the list of to-do’s that include about how long each activity will take. Structuring your time will give you the chance to see how you prioritize and help you decide what to keep pursuing and what needs to be left alone.

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