Why are you putting it off?

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 The best way to get something done is to begin.

If you’ve missed the past couple weeks, we are currently in a series about changing habits… You can thank Gretchen Rubin the author of Better Than Before :-).

I have a friend who decided to put off a work project until September and I couldn’t understand why. This project is going to benefit her job and help her clients; however, she decided to wait 4 months to get started. After a few conversations, I finally asked her “why wait?” She explained that this project includes learning a new computer system that she’s unfamiliar with and she didn’t know who to ask for help.

This got me thinking, there are a lot of reasons why we don’t get started on projects – even the ones we know are beneficial to us.

Typically we are putting things off for one of the following reasons.

We need:

More education. Maybe it’s a matter of finding a book or dependable online resources to supply the knowledge and know-how you need to get that seemingly insurmountable task accomplished.

More support. If you want to stop drinking alcohol for a month it’s hard to ask your regular happy hour pals to give you support for that goal. Instead, you need to surround yourself with people that will support you by finding non-drinking entertainment alternatives.

Less to-dos. This is in reference to the “full-plate syndrome.” If your life is already full of responsibilities with a new job, aging parents to care for, doing the prescribed bedtime routine by your doctor and buying a house… This may not be the time to try and add a new healthy habit to your plate.

More fun. In a 1-on-1 with my lovely business partner, Kristen, I was reminded that in order to make a change it helps to make it fun! I don’t see my 21-day challenge as a deprivation experience but instead a fun challenge to get really creative (and a great excuse to eat more sunflower seed butter!).

Food for thought:

Perhaps it’s a creative project or new healthy habit you’ve been putting off?

Now you can identify the reason and get the education, support, time/energy or creativity to make it happen!

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