Lucy’s Peanut Butter Story

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There is nothing peanut butter and a spoon can’t fix.

Funny story, I am a self-proclaimed peanut butter addict. I usually have 2-3 jars in the cupboard (gotta keep a crunchy, creamy and backup jar!). I can literally put peanut butter on anything – peanut butter & banana, peanut butter crackers, peanut butter & carrots. Let’s not forget the peanut butter sauce on my stir-fry veggies and tofu. 

Did you know that peanuts are not a nut but actually a legume? That’s right, they’re in the same family as beans, peas, and lentils.  

I used to wonder if there would ever be a reason good enough to stop eating peanut butter. Turns out there is… I’ve been battling IBS for a few years now and recently I became so fed up I decided it’s time to find the culprit. In short, I’ve recently started the journey on a 21-day elimination diet that excludes all legumes.

Yep, that’s 21 days without peanut butter. 

I never imagined I’d be the kind of person to take on this type of challenge – no dairy, legumes or grains – but here we are. 

I credit some of these changes to the book I’m reading called Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin, which I highly recommend!  Below you’ll find a few points of inspiration I wanted to share with you: 

1. We manage what we monitor. I like this because it’s true. Anytime we’re keeping track of our habits we tend to make better choices that will serve our goals. 

2. When you decide to start a new healthy habit it inspires you to do other healthy things too! 

When I took on this 21-day experience I found myself organizing my bedroom, washing the sheets and mopping the bathroom floor. Not to say I wouldn’t do these chores anyway, but I was especially motivated to “start fresh.”

3. It’s true what they say… Starting is half the battle. Once you start it’s as though you are halfway done because getting off the starting line is a huge mental hurdle. 

Food for thought

Sometimes we make changes because we want to and sometimes because we have to.

Either way, isn’t it nice to know you’re not alone?

Your Well-Balanced Nutrition tribe is here to support and empower you every step  of the way. 

Recipe of the Week: Chocolate Almond Energy Balls

In case you’re wondering how I’m surviving without peanut butter – it’s a good excuse to eat almond butter instead!  

It’s also a great reason to try these 5-Ingredient Chocolate Almond Energy Balls, which is brought to you by

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