I ain’t lying

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We RISE by LIFTING others.  -Robert Ingersoll

It’s that moment Monday morning when your office-mates ask “how are you?” Or “how was your weekend?” 

It’s pretty ingrained in each of us to say “good” or “I’m fine, how are you?” 

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an open book… 

If I’m running on the treadmill and the gal next to me asks how I am, I will likely tell her the truth. I’m running because I’m mad, overwhelmed or stressed out. This is one of the only occasions you’ll find me running (other occasions include a bear chasing me in the woods). 

Not everyone wants to tell their coworkers or fellow gym buddies the depths of their emotional state; however, I think we would all benefit from being more honest with ourselves and each other. 

Talk it out! 

Five reasons why lying isn’t getting you anywhere:

5. You put off until tomorrow what could be done today. Often we are lying to ourselves about out choices when we have a 3rd serving of pasta and tell ourselves “it’s OK because I’m not going to eat any carbs tomorrow.”

4. You rob yourself of potential healing opportunities. We deny help when we [stubbornly] decide to fix it on our own instead of asking for assistance.

3. You are not being genuine and therefore cannot be trusted. Have you ever wanted someone to open up to you more and wondered why they didn’t? It might be that they didn’t feel they could trust you because you were too guarded. 

2. You are more free when you are more honest. A more healthy relationship with others leads to a more healthy relationship with food. 

1. People admire honesty! It takes courage to be vulnerable. We worry about being a burden on one another or looking weak. Remember the last stranger you sat next to on an airplane and decided just to tell them everything and had an amazing conversation because of it? 

Food for thought

You don’t need do life alone. How can you open up a little more this week? 

Be a support for others by letting them in.

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