Blame it on Lucy!

Blame it on Lucy!

This adult thing is sort of exhausting, right? There are the family responsibilities, household responsibilities, work responsibilities and let’s not even talk about doing taxes… 

Last week I had the opportunity to give three presentations, which is one of my favorite parts of Well Balanced Nutrition. I love an audience and I also enjoy the community atmosphere; however, they demand a lot of my energy. 

After presenting at North Carolina Central University on Wednesday, I had a few hours before my next appointment and treated myself to a stroll around campus including a 20-minute stop in their lovely art museum. 

I went home and was able to get 3-4 items off my to-do list before the afternoon meeting. I realized without taking the time for myself I probably would have accomplished the same amount of work, but with less concentration, peace and clarity. 

How are you pressing the reset button during your workday? Below are a handful of suggestions pulled from my own experience and what I’ve learned from others.

Take a mid-day walk – My personal favorite! I always used my lunch break in the clinic for a 25 minute walk, which my staff knew was mandatory or else nobody wanted to be around me that afternoon.  

Chitchat breaks – Allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes of gabbing with your coworkers about something completely unrelated to work.  

Mindful breathing, meditation or stretching – Take a few minutes to close the door, dim or turn off the lights, bring the attention inward to the breath… Start with 10 slow inhales and exhales – filling up the lungs as far as possible and slowly exhaling it all out. 

Bring a book – Grab something entertaining, delightful or fascinating for you to enjoy on a lunch break or for mid afternoon pick-me-up. 

Music! – My personal favorite is the instrumental Disney station on YouTube, but you pick whatever works best for you :-). 

Tea time – Instead of the usual afternoon hunt for sugar, try a hot (or cold) cup of tea and spend a few minutes savoring the flavor before turning back to the emails, IM bings, and projects.   

Food for thought: 

Today I give you permission to take 20 minutes to do what ever you want during the work day. 

I don’t know your boss, but I imagine if they knew how much more productive you will be at the end of these 20 minutes they will totally agree with me.

In case they don’t – just blame it on Lucy (I can take it!). 

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