Do unto others…

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I close each Motivational Monday wishing my readers a happy and healthy week.  I genuinely want each reader to be happy and healthy every week. 

I am often reading self-, professional- and health-improvement literature… Job hazard!  I also talk to a lot of people about their health, which is much more than just talking about their diet.

It seems the happiest people are those who are not concerned with wanting what other people have.

Whether that’s a different physique, the six-figure job, a bigger house or a better marriage.The moments I find myself the least happy are when I’m comparing to where I think I should be versus appreciating where I am and how far I’ve come. 

Show and tell…

I recently I went on a backpacking trip and got to hang out with some awesome people. One in particular is my friend Shung – one of the happiest people I know. While walking through the woods I was able to ask my friend what makes him so happy.

He has a lot of wisdom and stories but what struck me is his choice to live a simple lifestyle without many material items. Also, he does not compare himself or his life to societal expectations. 

Shung lives a life trying to provide more for other people than for himself. He takes great joy in doing something nice for a friend, family member or stranger.  When I asked him about my theory that we were all put here with “a Devine purpose” or special gift from God, Shung replied that our purpose is to love and take care of one another. (talk about a humbling moment) 

In doing good for someone else we end up receiving a gift as well… Gratitude and the joy of knowing you brightened someone’s day. 

Food for thought: 

The best part of doing something for somebody else is: it doesn’t need to be complicated! 

Simply taking time to hand write a thank you note, treat a friend to coffee or bring in a healthy and delicious snack for your coworkers. 

What can you do for someone else this week? 

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