Grocery shopping sucks!

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Dread grocery shopping? You’re not alone.

American’s restaurant spending just surpassed their spending at the grocery store according to this article in Bloomberg Business. The article suggests this is a generational trend from millennials. Unfortunately, eating out still comes with it’s pitfalls such as the increased risk of developing high-blood pressure as discussed in the Medical News Today article – Eating out ‘raises risk for high blood pressure’.

Truth be told, I actually really enjoy grocery shopping! It’s one of my happy places – I have even been caught dancing in front of the produce aisle. I am aware that this is weird.

Food for thought:

Recently as I was wandering around the grocery store I realized that it’s not easy to eat healthy by grocery shopping instead of going out to restaurants. The wonderful world of convenience foods has worked its way into every corner of our lives, which may be one reason why we are just going out to eat instead of messing up our own kitchens.

The good news is there are still lots of healthy choices it’s just a matter of learning to play my favorite game, which I like to call good versus better. Simply pull 2 options off the shelf – for example 2 marinara sauces. Look at the label for sodium, sugar and number of ingredients to determine which has less. There is so much information to look at and often it depends what your goals are to know what to monitor. I suggest working with a dietitian for more personalized recommendations.

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