Why moderation doesn’t always work

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Power is in the choices you make each day. Eat well. Live well. Be well.

This week’s post was written by Kristen Norton, RD, LDN

I have a confession. Although I wish it could, my title of dietitian does not make me immune to cravings and the tendency to overeat sugary foods. I am only human after all. Furthermore, I am an abstainer which means I find it easier to make something completely off limits than trying to enjoy it in moderation.

I am pretty sure you’ve heard the food advice “everything in moderation.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for abstainers. 

You can read more about abstainers and moderators here. So, here’s what happened this weekend when I found myself confronted with soooo… much… candy…

You know the old Pringles commercial, “Once you pop you can’t stop?” That is so me! I’m an abstainer. One bite of something sweet usually leads to a whole lot more. I do best when I abstain from really sugary foods like chocolate, candy or cookies altogether. Which I normally do… but then it happened. I found myself confronted with So. Much. Candy.

After a stressful morning, I found myself staring at this basket of candy from my daughter’s Egg hunt. I grab one bite-size candy bar. Yuummmm. I immediately want more and the rest of the day ALL. I WANT. IS CANDY. It didn’t stop there. The cravings lasted until the next day and were intensified when I hadn’t packed enough healthy snacks for the afternoon. I wound up eating cookies and candy instead of my usual snack of fruit, nuts, yogurt or granola bar. Sigh..

You see as an abstainer once I rock the boat with a little taste of something highly palatable like cookies and candy it can steer me in the wrong direction and trigger intense cravings. Are you an abstainer??

Food for thought: 

At first, I didn’t really want to admit to you all that I ate a bunch of candy, but I don’t feel guilty. It is what it is.

The key is to not letting moments of weakness steer us so far off track that we can’t easily get ourselves back. I acknowledged it, accepted it and I’ve moved on…now back to healthy snacking and avoiding sugary treats. 

This week’s post was written by Kristen Norton, RD, LDN (thanks, Kristen!) 

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