3 Simple Steps to Becoming Happier

by | Motivational Mondays

Happiness comes to those who appreciate what they already have.

I like eating vegetables. I enjoy walking in the woods, around the city or wherever I happen to be. I thoroughly enjoy preparing food for dinner and leftovers to eat during the week (I actually call it my cooking therapy).

No, I’m not bragging! I’m just letting you know that my hobbies and fun activities include healthy habits… and yours can too.  

In an article from Entrepreneur magazine “To get what you want, get happy first,” the author shared the following concepts – that I cleverly tied to living well-balanced ;-). 

Step 1: Shift your focus

When we focus on the goal, such as reaching a certain body fat percentage, we will only be happy 1% of the time. When we learn to love the process we can be more happy or satisfied most of the time. Success then becomes a byproduct of enjoying the practice and continuously improving. 

Step 2: Change your mind 

Reaching your ideal body weight is less about the right goals – instead about having the right strategies and changing the mindset to see these changes as the privilege or an opportunity. 

Step 3: Start with “I get to…”

Are you saying “I have to…” when talking or thinking about eating healthy foods, going to the gym or the park for exercise?   What happens when you change that statement to “I get to go to work out!” Or “I get to eat delicious and nutritious homemade food for lunch today.”

Food for thought

Focusing on the goal alone will not make you happy. It often doesn’t keep us motivated because if we don’t see the numbers change on the scale, we lose confidence in our practice. 

When we start to see difficulties or day-to-day tasks as opportunities to improve and enjoy the journey we can be happy doing just about anything. 

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