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As you local North Carolinians have noticed, it’s been a really freaking hot summer. My new fancy car, Elsa the Prius, tells me the temperature and I sort of miss living in blissful ignorance. Seeing it come below 80 degrees this past weekend was particularly delightful.
It’s been in the 90’s for what feels like an eternity, but that’s okay because now it is August and it’s supposed to be sweat your buns off hot outside!
Needless to say, these temperatures call for an increased fluid intake and as your dietitian and wellness cheerleader I’m obligated to make sure you drink lots of water. Luckily for us, Ellie Krieger (my favorite famous dietitian) wrote an article about our water options including some more enticing and fun choices.

Below are a few highlights from Krieger’s article, “Is coconut really more hydrating? Clarifying myths and facts on waters.


Did you know bottled water could be tap water that’s just been put into bottle? Good news! It appears there is some benefits to drinking mineral water. Depending on the brand, mineral water can have up to 58% one’s calcium needs and 41% magnesium for the day. Wow!

I was also surprised to learn that coconut water does have a significant source of potassium at 600 mg per cup; however, it will hydrate and replenish as well as a glass of water and large banana – saving a few pennies along the way.


There are many more interesting drops of wisdom in this article “Is coconut really more hydrating? Clarifying myths and fact on waters.” Hope you enjoy soaking it up too!

Food for thought:

“Water is the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. As the two kiss, a third element is made, an element which sustains all life. The thirst of all beings on this earth is satiated and sustained by it. Their life depends on it…” – Teal Scott

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