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In clinic last week, I walked into the break room to find a provider enjoying a cupcake while her lunch warmed up in the microwave. I said “life’s short, eat dessert first!” She replied, “it’s the best part of being a grown-up.” This got me seriously thinking… Is it?!

Maybe not just cupcakes, but these rules put in place to make sure we start off well:
(1) Don’t spoil dinner w/ junk foods
(2) Go to bed at bedtime
(3) Do your chores every week

As my oh-so-wise father says “life’s all about choices.” Oh how neat!

You can choose to do the dishes by hand or put them in the dishwasher. You can choose to pay your bills early or after a couple friendly reminders. You can also choose how you spend downtime, what foods to buy at the grocery and so on.

Choices everywhere!

I occasionally joke about what a bad idea it was to grow up. Luckily, I’m still playing (mostly in the woods) to balance out the responsibilities.

I choose to get up at 6am so I can get my sweat on before tackling the rest of my day. I choose to pack lunch because then there’s less temptation or need to buy something.

Being a grown-up means we get to choose our own adventure, called life. Of course, certain responsibilities such as kids and unexpected health circumstances will effect some of our choices and how we live; however, even those situations are often shaped by our choices.

Food for thought:

How are you making your choices? Is it to help you make the healthy decisions like incorporating exercise and good food?

If not, you can still make the choice to change something today. I recently learned about the “keystone habits.” These habitual choices that have the most impact on our other decisions. There’s no magic wand to being fit and healthy, but there is an opportunity to start making the choices to get there!

Let me know if you need a cheerleader to get you on track :-).

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