The secret to transforming your body

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Be the change you want to see in the world. -Mahatma Gandhi

I had a great conversation with a colleague and friend of mine, Chan Little, about change. Chan is the owner of The 360 Approach, a boutique wellness studio offering personal training, fitness classes, health coaching, and more! 

I asked her about if/how all of us could achieve her fantastic figure.

Her answer? Yes, you can achieve the body and physic you are looking for, as long as you want it bad enough. (Sure, our genetic tendencies will play a role too, but genes do not choose what we eat or how we exercise). 

What change are you looking for? 

A change in your weight? In your strength or athletic ability? Or maybe you want to feel more well-balanced with your food choices?

My desired change: _______________________

What’s the first step to making this change? 

Do you need an accountability partner? Maybe some personal training and coaching from Chan at The 360 Approach? Do you need a plan of what to eat or strategies to make healthy choices? 

My first step: _________________________

Who will help me make this change? 

There are helpers in our life that want us to be happy and inspire us to be our best. Reach out to your helper(s) let them know what change are looking for and ask if they can help keep you accountable. 

My helper is: __________________________

How will I stick with my changes? 

Whether it’s a daily reminder, such as a picture at your heaviest, reminding you why you want to change. Or a journal you keep to track the success and progress from this change. Perhaps it’s a mantra written on a post-it note hanging on the bathroom mirror? 

My daily reminder: _________________________

Food for thought:

For many of us, change is difficult.

If you really want it, and the change is that important, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I believe you can and you will! 

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