What Kind of Eater Are You?

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The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.

Last week, I had the opportunity to get a lot of administrative work done because it was national reschedule your nutrition appointment week… I tease ;-).

Anywho, I was working on a few tasks on Thursday afternoon when I noticed a nagging desire to continue eating. It was strange because I had just finished a delicious lunch. I decided to take a moment to pause and meditate over my cravings. During that time, I realized something that I already kind of suspected… 

I’m an entertainment eater!  I find eating to be a very fun activity so if I’m doing something boring, my mind chooses to wander to food or the idea of eating. 

Below are a few common reasons – other than hunger – that people eat.  You may identify with more than one description. 

A stressed out eater: These are my “I just need something crunchy to relieve the stress” eater’s – you know who you are! Crunching can help relieve some stress; however, it is not helping our waistline. 

A procrastinator eater: These folks tend to turn to food when they want to put off another task such as cleaning the house, doing homework, studying or preparing for a presentation. 

A social eater: The social eaters are those that love to eat whenever somebody else is eating and may overindulge whenever they are eating with other people – especially in the all-you-can-eat environment. 

A reward eater: Someone who is so pleased with whatever task they’ve completed that they decided they deserve a treat, salty snack, pizza or another comfort food. 

A lonely eater: These folks may turn to food as their friend when they feel lonely, because food has always been there for them. 

Food for thought: 

     The first step is recognizing why we want to eat. The next step is discovering how to better serve our bodies.  

    There is a power in naming the problem.  Now you get to choose how to respond to it! 

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