Mindfully Navigating the Holidays

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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Wishing you happiness.” – Helen Keller


It’s joyful! It’s merry! It’s full of excitement!

Sometimes the holidays can also feel overwhelming and stressful.

This crazy time of year often leads to less healthy actions – including my third trip to the Christmas cookie collection in the freezer last weekend. Or else we are too busy to take care of ourselves.

I believe the best way to navigate smoothly and successfully through the holidays (and the rest of life!) is to have plenty of tools in your “tool-box” to work through times of frustration and emotionally charged situations.

Relaxation Technique:
Think about a stressful situation that you are facing right now. It might be a major life event or something small that affecting you in this moment. Close your eyes, scan your body and identify where you’re feeling the tension while thinking about this tough situation. Especially be sure to check the neck, shoulders, abdomen, jaw, eyes and chest.

[Take a moment here to pause, close your eyes and see what and where you are feeling the tension]

Relaxation Technique cont’d: Rest your hand on that place of tension. Take a deep breath in and out – imagine your breath flowing in and around the spot. Exhale naturally, all the way out. Repeat for a few more breaths, letting the breath take you right into the center of your tension; your hand will help remind you to direct the breath.

[Pause again, let the breath offer a gentle release of your stress or tension]

This technique is available to you anytime, anywhere, with your eyes open or closed.

Food for thought:  

How are you handling the holiday festivities?

Even if (like me), you have found yourself caught up in dwelling on an uncomfortable situation, the exercise above can help pinpoint the emotions.

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