Daily Resolutions

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“Good resolutions are like babies crying in church. They should be carried out immediately.” ― Charles M. Sheldon

I’m not going to ask you what your New Year’s resolution is. If you do one, that is fabulous!

Last week I got to thinking we might be better off making a daily or weekly resolution instead. After a particularly gluttonous Christmas celebration (part 1 of 3), I woke up not sure exactly how to get myself back on the wagon.

It occurred to me, as a dietitian, this must be even harder for everyone who did not study nutrition.


To me, a daily or weekly resolution makes more sense because it gives you the chance to be flexible and realistic with your goals. A few examples or ideas include (but are not limited to):

1. Today I will get rid of all the trigger foods in my home. Whether that is the dinner rolls, leftover chips and snack foods or something sugary there is bound to be a neighbor, coworker or friend who can take care of those foods you find yourself mindlessly munching on.

2. This week I will only have one dessert. The other days, try a sweet replacement such as a small bowl of fruit, light yogurt or handful of nuts.

3. This week I will go to the gym for a group fitness class, weight training or aerobic exercise at least three times.

4. Today I will eat five servings of fruits and vegetables.

5. This week I will cook at home for 80% of my meals.  Limiting restaurant or fast food to 4 meals (including a quick stop at the coffee shop for a latte and muffin!).

Food for thought:  

It’s easy to get wrapped up and overwhelmed by our big goals such as losing the 20 pounds, getting wash-board abs, spending more quality time with our family or finishing the last few requirements for an undergraduate program.

Instead, let’s focus on what we can do this week or just today. Then when you have succeeded, take a moment to celebrate.

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