Making New Habits

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You don’t need a New Year to make a change. All you need is a Monday!  Make this the week you change your life. 

Each morning I wake up. I go potty. I wash my hands. I brush my teeth.  I put on my gym clothes. Gather my food, clothing and other accessories for the day. I pile everything into my car (Elsa, the blue Prius) and drive to the YMCA for a pre-workday workout. 

This is my morning routine, or as I am looking at it, my weekday habits. 

Recently, I was challenged with the idea that people do not make changes because it sounds like fun but instead because they have to… 

Instead, I would argue we make changes not just when we have to but when we want to see new or different results. 

For instance, maybe you have realized how much money you spend eating out for lunch and decided you would like to save money and eat food from home instead.

You start by buying another loaf of bread at the grocery store with some fresh sliced deli meats or maybe pick up the fixing’s for a good ol’ fashion peanut butter and honey sandwich. Then you buy fruit, baby carrots or bag-o-salad for a crunchy side option.  Next, you start setting aside 10 minutes in the evening to gather lunch for the next day to take to work.


This has become your new habit, but not because your doctor said so or because your honey was nagging you about the bank count – OK maybe it was a little bit of the nagging… ;-).

Food for thought: 

On the flipside, you can continue to do what you’ve been doing and know that the results will continue to be the same. 

What’s one change you’ve been wanting to see in your life? 

Do you want to feel less tired when the alarm goes off in the morning? Sounds like a great opportunity to try going to bed a half-an-hour earlier. 

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