Change Your Story

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You is kind. You is smart.  You is important.

-Aibileen Clark from “The Help”

Do you ever get that little voice inside of you questioning why you are doing what you are doing?

 As a small business owner I get that… a lot. I do not think it is a bad thing; it’s just trying to protect me. 

When it comes to making lifestyle changes whether you are quitting a bad habit or trying to incorporate a good one, that voice may be there questioning your actions. It may ask, “Why are you trying again when you know it didn’t work the last three times?”

 Maybe the voice telling you stories about how much easier it would be to give up and continue with the status quo. 

Below you will find a few tools to coping with the moments of doubt: 

1. Say thank you and respond with a question. 

If you are full of self-doubt or worry it is often the mind wanting to protect you or itself. When you incorporate a new habit the brain has to work much harder (and it does not like that!). Instead of jumping on the doubt train in your mind, acknowledge the worry with a “thank you,” then respond with a question such as “why are you so concerned about this?”  

 2. Cancel, cancel! No, thank you. 

This technique is modified from one of my favorite podcasts – The Joy Junkie show.  When you start to notice your mind telling stories of failure simply say “Cancel, cancel. No, thank you.”  That will pull you away from the spiral of negative self talk so you can re-evaluate what is happening in the moment. 

3. Change the story. 

Instead of taking the path that recounts your not-so-successful attempts to change, try recounting the ways in which you have succeeded in making a healthy change. For example, you can proudly tell your mind about the carrots you eat with lunch instead of potato chips or how you’ve successfully reduced eating fast food to 1 time per week. 

Food for thought: 

Life is hard enough without us telling stories that make it harder. 

 You are a smart, successful and beautiful/handsome person. 

Take a moment to notice what the mind says when you hear or read that message. If it responds with disbelief, question it. 

 You are a smart, successful and beautiful person. Let it be. 

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