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What stresses you out? Is it traffic? Your to-do list that seems to be never-ending? Your kid’s messy room?
Your project deadlines at work? Money concerns? Whatever it is, the American Heart Association has a brilliant tool for letting go of your stress.

The scream booth is a stress reliever tool that first made an appearance on the streets of Austin, Texas and is now in the exhibition hall of the 100th Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Chicago, IL. The video below was posted on the American Heart Association – Austin facebook page and gives you a preview of what it’s like inside. Once you press start the screen asks you what stresses you out. It hears what you say, and the words appear on the screen. The words will only go away once you scream. Take it from me, it was very therapeutic – and at the time I didn’t have any real stress.

Downtown scream booth helps Austinites unload

Ever get the urge to just let it out and just SCREAM? This booth in downtown Austin is making that possible.STORY:

Posted by KVUE on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Excessive stress can contribute to hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. This activity reminds us all that we need to work out our frustrations in a harmless way, so the weight of our stress does not start to impact our health and well-being negatively. When you don’t have a scream booth out your backyard, what are you to do? Here are some other healthy ways of coping with stress.

  • Screaming into a pillow
  • Taking a nature walk
  • Attending your favorite group exercise class
  • Talking with a trusted friend or family member
  • Journaling
  • Coloring or creating art
  • Meditation or deep breathing exercises

What are your favorite ways to cope with stress?


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