Do it for Someone Else

Do it for Someone Else

Tis the season to put everything else above your own health. As humans and especially women, we have a tendency to take care of other people’s needs first.

The caretaker mentality does not always translate into taking care of our own needs. While walking in the woods I think how wonderful it is that everybody else on the trail is using this time to take a walk and and do something good for themselves. Ultimately this benefits not just their own health but that of everyone they encounter.


The adage goes, we need to put on our own oxygen mask first in the event of an emergency…

This holiday season I’m going to offer the thought to make time to address your own physical or mental health – not for yourself – but for all your loved ones that need you.

 A few strategies to stay well this holiday season:

  1. Put the workouts on your calendar – Then no matter what parties come up, potlucks at work, church events, etc; you will have this appointment already in the calendar to be able to graciously say ‘thanks for the invite but I’m busy’ OR ‘yes, would love to but I will be an hour late.’
  2. Practice saying no – One holiday party per weekend is probably enough! Prioritize and be okay with not making it to every event.
  3. Don’t be a statistic – The average American gains 1-2 pounds over the holiday season.Ask yourself, “is that calorie really worth it?” You can skim off the extra calories by mindfully deciding to eat more before grabbing seconds (or thirds!).

    Here’s a link for more ways to be a healthy holiday eater: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain.

Food for thought

As we enter the holiday season it is easy to let ourselves get swept up in the hustle and bustle this time of year.

You may already see the calendar filling up and making less time for a workout or preparing healthy food to take to work.

This week, I challenge you to take 30 minutes and decide how you are going to take care of you over the next 6-weeks.



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