Adjusted Perspective

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What do you know about chiropractics?

Probably, like most things in this world you know what you’ve heard or experienced. I had very little exposure or knowledge to chiropractics in my education and early career. I was always under the impression that it is for people with chronic back pain. Last autumn a friend of mine referred me to her chiropractor for a free consult and it wasn’t bad, but also not life-changing.

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with and getting adjusted by Dr. Cate, a skilled, knowledgeable and approachable chiropractor in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Earlier this year she explained she certainly pays attention to the spine; however her practice focuses on the whole body. I had never consider going to the chiropractor for my chronic knee issues, but was very curious to hear more about her practice. Recently Dr. Cate did a thorough full body exam (which I enjoyed because it was almost like a massage!). I especially appreciated her hands on approach instead of relying on “fancy machines” to diagnose and try to impress me.

Food for thought

I share this experience because sometimes we don’t consider all of our options when it comes to what ails us. The human body is very resilient and often we just push through the pain, because it’s “not that bad” or we tell ourselves it will go away eventually. 

If something is holding you back from doing regular exercise or even activities of daily care, I definitely encourage that you go to a provider (or 2-3) until you find somebody that can adjust your perspective and maybe even start to fix your problems.  

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