Your free pass to be rude

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Don’t just be good to others… Be good to yourself too. 
I’ve had an interesting and reoccurring question come up in nutrition sessions lately. The first was with a client who was talking about her affinity for sweets and not wanting to “be rude” when a friend or neighbor offers her dessert. While she was running through the scenario she blurted out:

“How is taking care of myself rude?!” 

It was as though a lightbulb went off above her head as she made this connection. It is not rude to say no, especially when the purpose is to take care of yourself. 

My client, a funny gal with a great sense of humor, continued on and plans to tell her friends “I’m sorry I can’t have that, the sugar puts fat on me.” 

How to get better at taking care of ourselves:

Learning to say “No, thank you” – It feels a little awkward at first… Everyone at the table is eating cake, but you know what that does to your blood sugars and you choose to opt out. 

Take breaks, seriously – Are you are wondering how you will crawl through the door when you get home from work? While it’s not always conducive, I highly recommend at least two 15 to 30 minute unplugged breaks during the day. Maybe that includes a walk where you choose not to look at your phone for that time or you completely turn off  all electronics for meals and focus on enjoying the food and the company.

Identify your areas of weakness (and respect your energy!) – For me, by Friday night I am out of steam. I choose to make good choices including healthy and delicious food – likes sushi! Then reduce potential temptations, such as drinking excessively to “unwind” from the week.  

Be nice to yourself – You’re human! I’m human! We are all human! Our all or nothing mentality does not serve us well.

If you slipped up and ate the doughnuts in the break room at breakfast, be nice to yourself and say  “good thing I plan to eat a well-balanced lunch.”



Food for thought: 
Why do I need to apologize about taking care of myself? We can all serve our own needs and each other better by learning to take care of ourselves every day. 


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