Your Well-Balanced Travel Cheat Sheet!

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Beach house booked… Check!

Bags packed… Check!

Sunscreen… Check!

GPS set-up…Check! 

Take out the trash… Check!

Set the alarm… Check!

Time to go!

Wait! What’s to eat?! 

It is all too easy to hit the road, pick up snacks at the convenience store, or get fast-food, but how is that serving your goals?

Below are a few tips and tricks to guide you to more Well-Balanced eating on your summer vacation.

Plan ahead: 

•Find some Well-Balanced meal options on the way and at your destination.

•Will you have a mini fridge/microwave where you are staying?

•Is there a fitness center, pool or nearby walking trails? 

•Bring along an exercise DVD or pull up a workout video on your laptop or iPad. 

Eating on the road

Skip the sides – Just because they offer french fries, hush puppies or potato chips does not mean you have to get them. The 16 g fat in a medium McDonalds French fry order will likely not make you feel great in a swimsuit. 

Make it Well-Balanced – Stick with your protein, veggies and fruits. This way you’ll reduce the bloating, fatigue and heaviness that can weigh you down. Consider trying the spicy Southwest Salad at Chick-fil-A, which includes 8g of fiber and 34g of protein at 420 calories. 

Limit the calories you drink – 1 small sweet tea at Bojangles has over 4 tsp of sugar! And that tall glass of *craft beer could be as much as 240 calories (12-oz beer at 8% ABV).  Drinking water can help keep you hydrated and won’t add any calories. Make it a club soda w/ a twist of lime for something fun and bubbly! 

Use the grocery store or local market – Purchase pre-cut fruits, veggies, deli meat, cheese, chopped salads, and many more options to keep you on-track. Bonus! This will likely save money compared to eating out for every meal.


Food for thought: 

No one ever said eating well-balanced doesn’t leave room for an ice cream cone or cocktail on the beach…

It just means you are making those choices mindfully. 

Recipe of the Week: The Ultimate BBQ Chicken

For anyone doing a stay-cation style 4th of July, how about making Tyler Florence’s Ultimate Barbecued Chicken?

Nothing says good ‘ol fashion summertime fun like a barbecue! 

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