Unrequested R & R

Unrequested R & R

Unrequested R & R  Last week I was forced into rest and relaxation. That might sound strange, but for those that know me, this was a struggle. I sometimes have a hard time sitting still. To paint the picture, I identify best with Tigger when compared to the characters on Winnie the Pooh.

What is wonderful about winter is the mind and body’s natural interest in hibernating and certainly not venturing out nearly as often as during warmer months. Perhaps you have noticed the same?

This time spent resting has been a time of peace in an otherwise busy life and with it I have found a lot of contentment. I am becoming increasingly aware of how much more I can get out of life when I slow down. Whether you do yoga, meditate regularly or make it a point to relax daily this recharge time is crucial for staying sane and I believe ultimately being more productive.

Go ahead take a mental health day! Let yourself sleep in and see how much more you get out of the week :-).

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