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backpackingSometimes you have to do it wrong to learn how to do it right.
As an upcoming small business owner I find myself doing all sorts of new things. From researching information technology to becoming my own marketing and sales expert, there are all sorts of learning opportunities every week.

I joke that they did not even teach me how to spell in school (duh, that’s what spell-check is for!), let alone all this other business. As you can imagine while trying all these new things I’m not going to get it right the first time and last week I learned I really don’t like to do things wrong. This may explain why I didn’t make it past level 1 of swim lessons, but that’s another story.

Human nature includes a fear of failure.

Perhaps you’ve been wanting to try paddle-boarding? Or maybe you have always wanted to cook tofu. Possibly you’ve been thinking about trying yoga? Personally, I’ve been experimenting to cook my own Indian food, which is also learning experience!

Food for thought:

This week:
(1) Choose one new activity or food you’ve been thinking about trying
(2) Tell a friend or email me – [email protected]
(3) Put it on the calendar and/or to-do list
(4) Feel proud and inspired when you have successfully accomplished it!

If you need inspiration, I recommend checking out the local farmers market on Saturday morning for something fresh, local and delicious to make for Sunday’s family dinner.

Of course, your new activity could be to go check out the farmers market on Saturday morning!

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