The Honey Method

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You catch more flies with honey! Let’s apply that approach to our diet and food choices.

Noooooo, I don’t mean putting honey on everything; however, sometimes just a squeeze of the bear can enhance your salad dressing, yogurt, peanut butter toast, etc… Yum.

The power of a positive message is shown to be more effective on influencing food choices. Most of us do not respond well to “don’t.” I believe this is a natural resistance that I liken to our former 2-yr old selves that did not like being told how to do something. Parents of young children, you know what I’m talking about!

For example, telling yourself, your spouse or children the positive effect of picking an apple to fuel our bodies instead of chips or crackers is going to be taken better. Read more on the study conducted by Cornell in this Science Daily article “‘Do’ is better than ‘Don’t’ when it comes to eating better.

Additional information on the power of positive thinking can be found in this article on the “Six habits of positive people“. My favorite is number 6 because that is important in our health decisions too! Even if you eat ice cream for dinner it’s okay to just accept it and get back on track tomorrow.

Food for thought:

What’s one healthy thing you can pat yourself on the back for this week?

Maybe you got up and went for a nice long walk on Saturday morning or enjoyed strawberries for dessert!

Good for you! I’m here cheering you on and so proud of you for making the right decisions and if nothing else being mindful and enjoying the moments that you indulge.

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