The 4-Letter Word

The 4-Letter Word


I was recently talking with a coworker about the South Beach diet. She and 7 other coworkers have taken up this diet together.  I love the team approach! 

Dieting is a form of mindfulness. At least for the time that we commit to it! Y’all may know, I’m not a big believer in diets; however, there is a time and place for them depending on the person and the situation.

Another coworker, friend and dietitian just finished doing the Whole 30 Challenge – focused on eating whole foods, eliminating sugar, dairy and processed foods for 30 days. It all sounds a little too dramatic for me, but I applaud people that are willing to take that step toward healthy living.

The mindful piece, is most diets encourage all meals and snacks are planned day-by-day or for the entire week. People on a diet know they have to bring their own food because restaurants, a friend’s house or family gathering may not include any foods in their diet. This planning and preparation is the contributing factor to their success and longevity on the program. Meal planning removes the unconscious eating tendencies and makes it more mindful.  

Food for thought

Not feeling motivated or interested in starting a diet at this time? No problem.
Still want to lose weight or feel like you’re making better choices? That’s great! Let’s make a plan.
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