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Like many moms out there I have struggled with my weight and healthy eating habits.  I tend to put myself last as I have 4 awesome kids that take precedence of my attention, time, energy, and money for that matter.  At the end of every day I would say to myself as soon as I get the kids to bed I will workout, and well it would occasionally happen, but it never lasted.  Sometimes weight would come off, but I was tired of feeling sluggish, I wanted a real health change not only for myself but for my kids.

How I started my well-balanced journey

I wanted to figure out what I could do differently and that is why I started working with Well-Balanced Nutrition, and let me tell you, my life has changed so much in less than a year.  I did not want a quick fix, a fad diet, or to shame my body because I have children that are learning from everything they see me do.  I wanted to provide my children with lifelong tools that will help not only me but the kids be healthy and well-balanced.

Timing is everything

I knew that I did not want to focus entirely on the scale, but more so about how I felt, how my clothes fit, and the fuel I was putting into my body.  I began to meet with Lucy, who I was introduced to through my employer, and she was sent to me at the perfect time in my life.  Lucy helped me have a better relationship with food and quickly I started to eat more of the rainbow, as she referred to it. This was my first tool.  Make my plate colorful, the more color the better, and I am not talking about food coloring, folks.  Natural colors and boy what an adventure it has been to explore so many different fruits and veggies as well as different grains.  I can tell you, my 4-year-old son, he’s the youngest, loves salad, any kind, and will eat any green leafy lettuce you put in front of him with a meal and often 3 servings.   It is truly his favorite food.

Tips for busy moms

As moms know we are busy, but that does not mean we do not have time for a well-balanced meal with our family.   Eggs are budget friendly and can be mixed with so many veggies for a filling and healthy dinner when in a rush.  It is a go-to meal for me.  This has been my power tool.  Healthy food does not have to be fancy or expensive.   During the week I get our meals on the table in 30 minutes or less and I use the time I have saved to be more active with the kids and they love it.

I recently set up our trampoline in the backyard for the kids again. Now, after dinner, instead of dessert their treat is mommy going out and bouncing with them for 30 minutes!  The old saying, a body in motion stays in motion, is very true and we really have fun.  Last year, I told the kids, “No, I am too old, I cannot jump on the trampoline,” but ever since I have been practicing a well-balanced lifestyle, and with Well-Balanced Nutrition’s help of keeping me motivated and their tools I have so much more energy to be active, stay active and eat healthy every day.

Every day is a new start, I get up, weigh myself each day to make sure I am staying on track, and with Lucy’s help, I have been able to lose and keep off 15 pounds and counting.   But it is not the weight that I am interested in as much as how I feel each and every day, and how I am able to show my children that a happy and active life is better than the life of a couch potato.

Author: Bridget Vazquez Bennett

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