Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day

On this Labor Day that celebrates us hard-working American’s it only seems appropriate to talk about the importance of these play days.

I was lucky enough to be raised by mother who believes in taking mental health days. Yes that’s right, she let me stay home from school “just because” one time per semester (as long as I was not dodging a test or presentation).

As I dive into a 2 week mental health retreat, it occurred to me that I have 110 hours of unused PTO from five years working for the clinic. That’s almost 3 weeks of vacation time that I didn’t use.

It’s no surprise that Americans are world-renowned for not taking their leisure time as other countries do. According to a US Travel Association study, American’s took 16 of their 20.9 vacation days in 2013. All work and no play does not help get us ahead as we often end up more stressed or burnt out by neglecting to take days off to recharge.

Food for thought:

What are we waiting for? If you’re like me and found yourself saving up PTO only to watch it go unused, stop that.

I understand completely that it’s hard to step away because of the flurry that awaits when you get back, but this is your time and your health. Today I wish you courage to take that step to be selfish and plan your next fabulous get-away! 

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