Hidden Stress

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Nature walkI fancy myself a fairly relaxed person, but when I notice the other drivers on the road are more annoying than usual I can safely assume that I’m probably stressed out.

At times, I do not yet know what I’m worried about. Could it be an interview or business meeting? Something regarding my health? Or perhaps an upcoming trip?

Talking with a friend – in the woods of course – she explained how relieved she was after her team successfully completed a project last Friday. My friend then said she did not even realize how stressed and preoccupied she was until Friday came and she felt that sigh of relief. It got me wondering, how often are we responding to things out of stress or worry and not thinking clearly?

I believe one healthy way to cope with this is through meditation or prayer. I’m curious, how do you deal with it?
Some of us are able to turn to things like exercise such as dancing, kickboxing or crafting projects to deal with stress. Others might be apt to turn to food, alcohol or tobacco. Clearly, some of these choices and coping mechanisms are healthier than others.

Food for thought

First step is recognizing.

If you find yourself reaching for a less healthy coping strategy first say it out loud; “Yes, I am eating these cookies because I’m stressed out!”

From here, you are able to take away some power from the food because you know in your mind that cookies will not make your problems or stress go away. That doesn’t always mean that we won’t eat a couple anyway, but maybe we will eat less or instead go on a walk to clear your mind.

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