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“We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sometimes as proud, busy, schedules-filling Americans, we are more concerned with being productive, instead of living the good life. 

Last week, I was very in touch with all of my earthly possessions (especially since they are scattered about my floor in the new apartment). I was reminded that life is about more than making money and acquiring more things. In the light of an earthquake in Italy and flooding in Louisiana, life is about much more than our earthly possessions and status.

There is a lot of pleasure and joy to be found in experiences. Simple experiences such as a pleasant dinner with your family, going to play at the pool, accidentally stumbling upon a free outdoor concert, or getting an ice cream cone on a warm summer night. 

Clearly, it is necessary to make money in order to keep a roof over your head and food on the table, but perhaps there is more opportunity to simply enjoy life? 

I believe this concept is well summed up by Dr. Wayne Dyer in an excerpt from Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life:

“Be a good animal and move freely, unencumbered with thoughts about where you should be and how you should be acting. For instance, imagine yourself as an otter just living your “otterness.” You’re not good or bad, beautiful or ugly, a hard worker or a slacker… You’re simply an otter, moving through the water or on the land freely, peacefully, playfully and without judgments.”

Food for thought: 

      Take a moment to be present today. Notice a beautiful flower or delight in a pleasant conversation at the office. 

      As a client reminded me last week, “After all, doing nothing is one of the best parts of being human.” 

Recipe of the Week: CrockPot Thai Steak Salad

With back-to-school routines on the mind, we all need a little more help in the kitchen. That’s where the slow cooker comes in handy! 

Normally, we think CrockPots are for cold weather… Put the tender cooked steak with a peanut-hoisein sauce on chopped greens and bam! You’ve got a yummy summer-time dinner. 

This week’s recipe, CrockPot Thai Steak Salad is brought to you by

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