Competent & Confident

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What we learn with pleasure we never forget. -Alfred Mercier

How confident and competent you feel in doing a task will determine how easy or hard that task is for you.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay… What does that mean?!”

For our health, it’s less important that we require ourselves to learn all new techniques to eat well and lose weight. Instead let’s focus on becoming more confident in what we already know. 
We know fruits and vegetables are good for us. We know eating out too often will probably not help us achieve our weight-loss and fitness goals. We know the recommendations include at least 30 minutes of physical activity most days.
The more confident you feel in any task depends on how easy it is for you to engage in said activity. Whether it is exercise, cooking, making healthy food choices or playing a sport – it’s likely we are less apprehensive if it feels “normal”.  
A few tips to make it easy:
1. Put together a plan. Each week I plot out a few simple breakfast ideas and prepare at least 1-2 dishes for quick dinner-fixes.
2. Put it on the calendar. You’ve likely heard it before, but scheduling your exercise will greatly increase the chance you will get it done.
3. Keep healthy food handy. There are always apples, oranges and salad greens in my refrigerator. This means I have healthy snacks to take on my next adventure and the base of a colorful meal (because any leftovers on top of salad greens = delicious!).
Food for thought:
How confident do you feel in your health and wellness choices?
What is one thing you can do this week to make it easy?
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