It Should Be Fun!

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Caution: I’m about to use a four-letter word for some people…


I recently came across this amazing YouTube video (now blocked do to copyright laws) of Flying Uwe doing a treadmill cardio workout.

It caught my eye because:
(1) I love to dance
(2) The gym is one of my happy places

While I know these are unique character traits, I believe that there is an activity for everyone. Humans are designed to move! Being active does not mean you must spend hours at the gym, running or lifting weights – those are just a few options.

As I mentioned before, I’m an avid walker. I often get the question “how many miles do you run per week?” My response “ugh, running hurts.” If this is your answer to most traditional exercise options, I understand; however, I have faith there are alternative options for you.

Below are a few resources that I hope will inspire. If none of these speak to you, I promise this is a topic we will come back to ;-).

YouTube videos – There is amazing amount of free material on the web these days and I personally use YouTube for discovering new Zumba routines and to do Jillian Michaels workouts.

My sister (Thanks, Wendi!) recently discovered Aging Backwards, which is a series of low-impact, but still challenging stretching and functional movement routines.

Find a trail or park near you! My first mission when I move or go visit a new place is to see what is close by to walk to or around. Typically, I consult Google maps to find parks nearby and then research the park website for details on trails.

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