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As a dietitian I get to spend most of my days talking about food and exercise – the fun stuff! Discussing what goes in often leads to what comes out – or in some people’s case, what does not come out. If I have completely mortified you, I apologize, but as the famous Japanese children’s book states Everyone Poops.

My friend, Kelly*, went to China a few years back and was retelling some tales, but she was particularly excited to tell me about the bathrooms… Did you know they squat over there?!

Turns out we silly American’s are doing ourselves a disservice by taking a seat to go potty. I recently read in this article – According to science you’ve been pooping wrong your whole life – American’s are using an inappropriate form to optimize going to the bathroom.

*Name changed to protect privacy

Keep it Moving

1. Relax – Our digestive systems are made up of a bunch of muscles. Think about when you tighten a muscle versus when you relax it – it’s easier to let things go when you’re relaxed, right?

2. Squatty potty! – In the article mentioned above discusses the benefits of changing your position to change your results. The Squatty Potty will help you make that adjustment without having to change the whole bathroom set-up.

3. Walk it out – A client of mine discovered that a 1-2 mile walk in the morning actually helps her “to go big potty.” Worth a try!

4. Do a little twist – In yoga practice we lay on the floor, bring the knees in toward the chest, drop the knees over to the right and then to the left. Holding each side stretch for 5 to 10 breaths. This motion helps to keep things moving along.

5. Relax – Yes, I’m saying it again because I really believe that if we were not so uptight then our bowels would not be either. Whether you do quiet time meditating, reading a book or taking a bath, do what relaxes you and your body will do the rest.

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