The Beginners Guide to Meal Planning that Works – Week Three

Welcome back! It's Week 3

Here's This Week's Checklist

➡️ Watch the Video Lesson: How to keep it Simple and Balanced.

➡️ Watch the What To Do Next? Video.

➡️ Fill out your Baby Steps prompts in your workbook.

➡️ Complete your Play-in-the-Kitchen Challenge

➡️ Share your progress in the Healthie group chat.


Don't forget to follow along and fill in the blanks in your workbook.

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Scroll to the bottom of this page for the links you need to complete this week's tasks.

Lesson 3 is about keeping it simple! Here's how:

What to do next?

The Well Balanced Formula for a simple and balanced plate:

Protein + Veggies + Complex Carbohydrates (+ fat too!)

All these recipes can be found in your Living Plate Dashboard.

*Where is the fat on this guide?*

You might notice that there isn't a column for healthy fat in our guide. That's because it will often be present in the protein, veggie or complex carbohydrate dish. If it isn't, you can always add avocado, olives, nuts, seeds, butter or oils.

The Beginners Guide to Meal Planning that Works - Week Three

 Click here to PRINT your Well Balanced Meal Plug-n-play Guide

Click Here To See Variations of the Plate Method Based on Your Goals


This week's tool is the Well Balanced Meal Plug-N-Play Guide. You can search for the recipes listed in your Living Plate Dashboard and drag them into your meal plan for the week.



Your Play-in-the-Kitchen Challenge is to cook simple and balanced meals throughout the week. You can simplify or balance out a meal that you already know how to make or try something from the plug-n-play worksheet.



Using the Healthie group text, share pictures, send updates to the group, and get/receive encouragement. Let's see those simple and balanced meals you make this week!


Hungry for more? Here's Some Extra Credit

Now that you know more about this plate method, we challenge you to makeover some of your favorite meals into Well Balanced meals. Watch these healthy dinner hacks for ideas!

One way to keep it simple? Do everything on one pan! For the recipe open the video in YouTube and click on the description under the video. PRO TIP: Search Living Plate or elsewhere for "one-pan" or "sheet pan" to find more recipes like this.

How does the Well Balanced plate work with vegan or vegetarian meals? Great question. Sadia has 3 great meal ideas for you! » Thai Red Curry Soup with Crispy Tofu:  » Tempeh Tacos with Cashew Lime Cream » Pea & Basil Pesto Pasta