Beginners Guide to Meal Planning That Works – Week One

Welcome to Week One

START HERE. Week one's activities are as follows:

➡️ Watch the Video Lesson: Why meal plans don't work and what to do instead.

➡️ Watch the What To Do Next? Video.

➡️ Fill out your Baby Steps prompts in your workbook.

➡️ Complete your Play-in-the-Kitchen Challenge

➡️ Share your progress in the Healthie group chat.


Don't forget to follow along and fill in the blanks in your workbook.

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Scroll to the bottom of this page for the links you need to complete this week's tasks.

Let's Get Started with lesson 1!

What to do next?

Your Next 3 Steps:


This week's tool is your Living Plate Dashboard where you can look up all the recipes we will reference in this course. You can also create a meal plan with a grocery list. Click the briefcase to login and play around.



Your Play-in-the-Kitchen Challenge is to pick one recipe in your LIving Plate Dashboard to make this week. An alternative option is to fill out your favorite recipes that you already know how to make. This form can be found in the extra credit below.



Using the Healthie group text, share pictures, send updates to the group, and get/receive encouragement. This week be sure to say hello, introduce yourself and let us know what actions you take this week!


Hungry for more? Here's Some Extra Credit

Make A List Of Your Favorites

If you already have a good handful of meals you know how to make, jot them down here for reference. We've divided them here into 4 categories. Simple meals are the ones that don't take a ton of time or effort. Hands-off cooking meals are the ones you put in the slow cooker or perhaps instant pot. Fancy and Delicious meals are the ones you love but they require more time and effort to make. Lastly, homemade-to-go meals are the ones you can prepare at home and take with you when you are out and about. Don't worry if you don't have a ton of meals to fill this menu, as you go through the course, you'll add more ideas to this list.

Level Up Your Veggie Game

We hope as part of this course that you increase your comfort level of preparing and eating veggies at home. Here is a video with instructions on how to chop just about any vegetable. Easily jump to a specific vegetable:

00:00 Intro 00:30 Peanut 00:55 Brussels Sprouts 01:42 Peas 02:09 Snap Peas 02:28 Wakame 03:06 Garlic 03:57 Shallot 04:35 Watercress 05:10 Green Beans 05:45 Asparagus 06:21 Fava Beans 06:50 Scallion 07:21 Celery 08:21 Spinach 08:55 Kombu 09:41 Okra 10:20 Nopales 10:58 Onion 12:03 Broccoli Rabe 12:44 Endive 13:37 Radicchio 14:38 Bok Choy 15:29 Cabbage 16:18 Chicory 17:13 Mustard Greens 18:07 Collard Greens 19:19 Swiss Chard 20:17 Fennel 21:00 Leek 22:03 Iceberg Lettuce 22:32 Kale 23:35 Butternut Squash 24:59 Kabocha Squash 26:00 Tomatillo 26:39 Tomato 27:07

Become a Fruit Ninja

Fresh fruit offers a tasty yet nutritious addition to your meal plans! Have it as a snack or part of your meal. Here is a video with instructions on how to chop just about any fruit. Jump to a specific fruit:

00:00 Intro 00:40 Grapes 01:01 Strawberry 01:30 Fig 01:57 Plum 02:27 Lime 02:46 Lemon 03:18 Kiwi Berry 03:38 Longan 04:07 Gooseberry 04:26 Prickly Pear 04:52 Star Fruit 05:12 Rambutan 05:44 Passion Fruit 06:01 Mandarin Orange 06:16 Persimmon 06:45 Pepino Melon 07:15 Quince 08:01 Cherimoya 08:23 Apple 08:46 Dragonfruit 09:23 Avocado 10:32 Peach 11:11 Pomegranate 11:46 Orange 12:18 Yellow Plantain 13:03 Green Plantain 13:51 Mango 15:12 Grapefruit 15:55 Durian 16:48 Papaya 17:41 Pineapple 19:12 Cantaloupe 20:00 Pomelo 20:46 Pumpkin 21:21 Honeydew 22:03 Watermelon