we all want to meet our health goals and Eat Healthy, nourishing meals that we feel great about – but here’s the problem



Life is BUSY! We get it, but good nutrition and health don't need to be on the back-burner. Our program will help you learn to plan and cook meals that are flexible, delicious, quick, and simple so you can nourish yourself with more ease and confidence - even on busy days. This is not a fad diet and we won't be telling you WHAT to do - rather we'll show you HOW to do it with some handy tools, culinary strategies, cooking videos, and plenty of delicious recipes. 


Meal Planning That Works is your ultimate guide to meal planning, prepping, and cooking balanced meals you'll love and feel good about. 

Meal Planning that Works is a 10-WEEK, SELF-PACED program designed to help you

  • plan your meals easily 
  • feel more confident in the kitchen
  • prep and cook efficiently so you save time
  • meet your health goals through whole foods
  • enjoy satisfying and balanced meals

Hi! We're Kristen and Lucy!

We're your friendly nutrition coaches and we are busy people just like you. We are moms of little ones and know first hand what it's like to try to get dinner on the table quickly after a long day. We love to play in the kitchen but add busy days and social and family obligations to the mix and it gets a bit trickier. 


We used to be in your shoes, waiting until 4 pm to stress over what to have for dinner, opening the fridge to see a bunch of ingredients, and resorting to ordering take-out more times than you'd like. We've implemented smart strategies to avoid the dinnertime chaos and stress at our homes and we want to share them with you!


From our experience and years of coaching clients in the same boat, one thing we know for sure is that in order to meet your health goals, it starts with a plan! We designed this program for busy people who want to get a healthy meal on the table without the extra fuss and overwhelm. While it starts with a plan, it doesn't end there! We walk you through everything from planning, prepping, and cooking meals you'll love!

What participants are saying

"I am quite pleased that I am off the fast-food/ frozen meal merry-go-round and have lost about 5 pounds without a punishing diet or any real effort. I am eating healthier; less sugar, less salt, and fat, and now remember my krill oil almost every day!" - L.E.


"I realized how easy it is to eat healthy when you meal prep and how satisfying a meal can be by improving the flavor (not the fat). I use to buy healthy produce and put it in my refrigerator and then later look inside and be discouraged because everything needed some sort of prep before I could eat it." -P.B.

This program is for you if...

  • Every night at 5 pm you're scrambling to figure out "What's for dinner?"
  • You want to prepare healthy, balanced meals that will help you manage your blood sugars, have more energy, reach a healthy weight, and satisfy your taste buds too.
  • Cooking is not your favorite thing but you want to grow your confidence and skills in the kitchen.
  • You're doing take-out more than 3x a week and ready to save money with homemade meals.
  • You're concerned about your health and nutrition and ready to make changes to your eating habits


Sign up for Meal Planning That Works and check your email for a comfirmation email.

Set up your Healthie account and download the app so you can access your course from any device.

Dive into the Culinary Resource Library and your first module (available right away). 

Each week take 10-15 minutes to review the newly released videos, check out the recipes, and set goals.

 Take what you learn and try it out in real life. You'll be suprised how little tweaks can make life so  much easier and more delicious!

What's included

  • Cooking and recipe demos
  • Weekly dinner suggestions for inspiration
  • Strategies for planning, prepping and cooking balanced meals.
  • Access to dietitians and fellow course participants for community and inspiration

**BONUS** culinary resource library is loaded with cheat sheets, kitchen guides, how-tos, lists, and quick meal ideas.


You'll get access to our online meal planning dashboard and recipe database.  This is your one-stop-shop for finding healthy, easy-to-make recipes and creating your grocery list in seconds! 


✔ Loaded with a meal plan each week that is totally customizable.


✔ Quickly print your grocery list with ease!

You may be thinking, “Sounds great, but…”



Meal Planning That Works will SAVE you hours a week in "what do you feel like for dinner" discussions. Imagine getting meals on the table with efficiency and ease. We'll show you short-cuts and share strategies to make that happen.


We provide recipes for delicious meals that are on the table in 30 minutes or less!




Even beginners have benefited from this program. We give you the tools to master basic cooking techniques and increase your enjoyment in the kitchen. You'll love the culinary library!



You'll discover how to be flexible with your cooking in a way that will satisfy everyone! We show you how to make changes to your weekly menu to honor your or your family’s preferences whether they are picky, vegetarian, or have a few food restrictions to work around.




We show you how to keep things simple so you don't have to spend any more time than needed in the kitchen. No need to be creative when you have a database of delicious recipes that you'll love.





Our planning strategies will be so simple and useful that we bet you'll be able to follow through!



Once you join the program, you'll have access for life! You can access all the content whenever its convenient for you. 




Our course provides you with a system flexible enough to be applied to most dietary patterns. It's packed with resources and recipes that will help you eat more whole foods and plants. 



We understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in an online program. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t actually support your efforts to save time and meet your health goals.


That’s why we're offering a 21-day money-back guarantee. While we can’t guarantee that you will meet your health goals with this program alone, we can guarantee your satisfaction with what we've created and the time, stress, and overwhelm it will save you.


If for any reason you are not satisfied with Meal Planning That Works, contact us within 21 days of purchase and you will be given a full refund.


See there’s really no reason to talk yourself out of it. Meal Planning That Works is a program that we are really proud of and one we know will benefit you if you give it a shot.


Get out of a rut, save time and money and finally start cooking without the overwhelm