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Hi there! We are so glad you are here! You are in the right place if you want a friendly guide to walk with you on your health and wellness journey. We are honored and humbled that you are taking the time to get to know more about us and we hope to get the opportunity to learn more about YOU soon.

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Meet Your Coaches

Meet Your Coaches

Hi, I'm Lucy!

It’s been over 10 years and still the best part of any day is spent chatting with clients that are fed up with conflicting and confusing nutrition and diet information online - instead they've chosen to live Well Balanced.

I grew up with a health-conscious mom who also let me eat Pop-Tarts and Ramen noodles through High School because she knew when to pick her battles. When I turned 15, I started doing yoga and going to the gym with her. That’s where my interest in a healthy balanced life began (I know, I could’ve done better than Pop-Tarts!).

When I got to University of Dayton for college, I thought EVERYONE would be knocking down the doors for a chance to talk about food and exercise all day. Turns out I'm a little weird… but that is what helps make the Well Balanced way more fun and delicious for my clients. It's a personal journey for everyone and I'm here to be your guide to create the best path to your health and well-being. Together we can tackle emotional eating tendencies, eating the best food for your body, and help you confidently answer the question: “what’s for dinner?”

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In addition to offering one-on-one coaching, I am an author and motivational speaker.

When not at work, you can find me walking in the woods, practicing yoga and meditation, making new friends or helping out in my community. I enjoy the many state and national parks in NC and love a great backpacking adventure.