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Snack Attack! Dietitian Tips For Smart Snacking

Do you struggle with selecting snacks and wonder how they fit into your Well Balanced eating pattern?

Register for this free training to learn:

--> How to know if you need a snack
--> What snacking pitfalls to avoid
--> The Balanced Snack Equation
--> Well Balanced Approved Summer Snack Ideas

3 Flexible Strategies for Sticking To Your Nutrition Goals This Summer

Oh Sweet Summertime! Warmer weather means more outdoor adventures after work, more time at the pool, and more getaways! How does all this affect your health and well-being? You don't have to lose sight of your nutrition goals to let loose and have fun outside! ~How to enjoy your summer without sabotaging your health goals. […]

Mindful May

In this webinar you'll learn:

Why mindful eating is more than just slowing down.
How to increase your awareness and intention.
How to make meaningful, clear food choices.